Innocence №3

Man is treading their earthy road with alternating turns and does, sunny days changing with cloudy ones, we are going through successes and failures, burn in love and infidelity, and so to the day on which the trip is over .... And passions, longings, dreams gone!. End ?!
Oh, no!
The road continues, but already without you. Only your children and your works stay behind. What you have managed to create, to build or plant while laughing and crying on this earth , remains behind you.

About me

Veneta Nitova

I am trying to paint pictures rich in colour to decorate your home or office. But sometimes led by emotions, I create works that ask questions, tell a story or rouse feelings and thoughts.

Dirt and evil surround us all around and are constantly intruding upon us. Beauty and good should be sought and cultivated as a brittle flower. We should care for love and happiness every single day.